English or Français?

One of the struggles I find writing a blog is the choice of language. I love writing in English because it is easier for me to communicate and express how I feel. This may sound a bit weird because I am a French native speaker, but I truly feel like the content of my blog makes more sense if it is written in English. I find myself reflecting a lot more when I am writing an article in French. I tend to spend twice more time than when I write in English. I choose my words very carefully, as if I wanted to please every French reader. As beautiful and rich as the French language is,  I feel more free when writing in English. Weird huh? Am I the only one?

I first thought about blogging only in French, but I felt like I wasn’t satisfied with the content of my blog. My previous blog was exclusively in English and I was a lot more happier with the articles I created, but still felt like I was leaving the French-speaking bloggers behind. So here’s the deal : this blog will be mostly in English, but will contain some articles written in French from time to time. That way everyone’s happy! (At least I’m hoping)

Speak soon,



What do you think?

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