5 apps to make your photos look even prettier

5 apps

I know there are thousands of articles about this out there in the blogging world, but I thought I’d share with you my favorite apps, which who knows, might become your favorites too.

Here are some of my faves.

Of course the one that I use the most and the one that everyone is talking about is… yes! VSCO cam. This app will just give your photos this little thing that’s missing for you to say : yes, I look like a pro. Very easy to use, with several settings that you can change as you like. You can play with the exposure, the tint, the saturation or temperature and several more things of your photo. VSCO cam can even make your phone photos look stunning.

VSCO cam ★★★★★
Free app, available on the AppStore and on GooglePlay for Androids

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

One of the struggles of snapping lots of moments in a day is choosing THE photo that you want to post on Instagram. Why don’t just make a collage of your favorite photos? One of the basic app that I like to use is for cute but simple little collages is InstaCollage. Easy to use and free!

InstaCollage ★★★★
Free app, App Store and GooglePlay


One app that I find really fun is called PuddingCamera. You can choose different kind of “camera” such as fish-eye, snap, panorama and many more. Then choose a filter (vintage brown, vivid…) and there you have it! Only downside : you cannot upload a photo from you camera roll and apply the filters. So don’t forget you have this app when you want to snap a funny moment in the fish-eye effect!

Pudding Camera ★★★★
Free app


You know when you take a photo that is not a square but you absolutely want it in your  Instagram feed? Well you can do that with Square Ready. You just upload the photo of your choice and you can either do it yourself, or Square Ready can do it for you with its square sizes ready.

SquareReady ★★★
Free app


Last but not least : Typic. This is one of the most recent apps I got and I really really like it. Thanks to this app you can write on your photos and add little designs on them. You can also add filters on your photos. I guess this is an “all in one” app : editing with filters, writing, adding designs and sharing.

Typic ★★★★★
Free app


These are the 5 apps that I use the most, but I have many many many more on my phone. Might do another article on that if that interest some of you.

Now get your cameras out and get editing!

Speak soon,




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