Photo of the week #1

Just a little throwback sunday – is that a thing? Throwback thursday sounds better but anyway… We’ll go with that – as picture of the week.

This was exactly one year ago, when I attended the McFly concert at the Royal Albert Hall for their 10th birthday.


McFly might not ring a bell to you, but to me it has a special meaning. I heard about this band when I was around 13 and I immediately liked their kind of music. They were young, British, and they sounded a like a mix of the Beatles and Blink 182.

The first song I ever heard was 5 colors in her hair; and I then started to get hold of every single song they released. I started to get really interested in them and Youtube was starting to get popular at that time, so I started looking at some videos of them in order to know them a little better. There were lots of interviews and videos of them in their everyday lives. All those videos about them that I used to watch were of course in English, and it therefore gave me, little by little, some additional knowledge of English. I really started to get into it and I gradually grow love for England, the country they were from. I cannot really explain why, but I feel like England and London in particular reminds me of that time when I was watching McFly’s videos, wishing I was a part of their lives and there, in London to see them in real life.


Getting the tickets to see them perform at the RAH was a struggle. I eventually got 2 tickets (one extra ticket for one of my best friend, with who I shared my love for McFly). It took me months to realize I was going to see them, 7 years after hearing their first tune. I was even  more excited because the concert was in London, and it took place for a special occasion. I would not have accepted to miss their 10th birthday!

Anyway I am so glad I got to see the band that helped me build the person I am today. Also glad I got to do this with one of my bestest friends.

Now, the best part : the pictures!

The day started with a little stroll around London.
A walk through St James’s Park (with the essential cafe latte), then to Trafalgar Square and the riverside.





And then we headed to the Royal Albert Hall!











I’m sorry if the photos are blurry but I was so excited to be at this concert that I did not really pay attention to the shots I was taking!

Hope you enjoyed this picture of the week!

Speak soon,




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