Looking back over the best bits of my Erasmus experience


For this week’s post I decided to look though all the photographs I took during my stay in London -and there were a loooot- and keep the best bits!

As a whole, my Erasmus experience in London was amazing, but looking back at all those photos, I realized some of them meant more than the others because the memories they were carrying.

Of  course you’ll know some of those photos by heart, you probably have seen them a thousand times, but they are still good memories and much more than touristy places to me.

So here are some of my favorite photographs among the 600 I snapped during 6 months!


Of course one of the most famous thing in England are the pubs. It is always a pleasure to go inside and find that particular atmosphere than you find nowhere else. I particularly enjoyed it during the World Cup. Most of the pubs were streaming live football and everyone gathered around a beer or two to support their favorite team. It did not seem like a competition, it just looked like friends from all over the world gathering in a pub and enjoying some football.

The other place I loved going to was Primrose Hill. This is in the borough of Camden. I would go there every Sunday, and occasionally -when the sun showed up- enjoyed a picnic with friends.

One of the best thing in London is that it is a multicultural city. There are, and mostly when summer arrives, several days in the year dedicated to a particular day in a particular culture. One of the most famous celebrations at the beginning of the year is the Chinese New Year. I got to walk down the streets of Chinatown during these celebrations and really enjoyed it!

One of my favorite area of London is SouthBank and Tower Bridge. Mainly because that was close to where I lived, but also because this is where I have most of my favorite memories with the friends I made there. I used to love going walking on Tower Bridge and enjoy the view on the Thames.

An other activity I loved was going to museums. London is full of amazing museum on possibly every subject you can think of. Art, cinema, music, toys… It is just an awesome way to discover and learn things whether it is on your own or with friends.


I don’t know why I did not start by talking about this! I got to spend New Year’s Eve in London. Although it was raining, they still displayed the firework, and this year it was near the London Eye. It was spectacular! There are plenty of pictures of it here if you want to have a look!

Music also played a huge part in this experience. Music is everywhere in London. In pubs, in the street, in the tube… I discovered a few amazing artists by simply hearing them play live in Trafalgar Square for example, or in a pub. I also got to attend a concert in the beautiful Royal Albert Hall. This venue is simply breathtaking inside and out.

Trafalgar Square is the place where you can find street performers, musicians… but there are also lots of events taking place here. One of which I attended was the International Pillow Fight. One of the greatest memories of this experience. Mainly because I had a great time and because the people I was with this day contributed and still contribute to a huge part of why this experience was amazing. I was too busy pillow fighting so my photos aren’t that good! Have a look at those ones!

I could go on and on about how awesome this experience abroad was but I’ll just leave it here. If any of you wants to have a more detailed article about it, I’ll be happy to do it!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Speak soon,






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